Loja Online para as marcas de vestuário feminino EFFUSIVE & LOVEJUNKIE

Desenvolvimento de Loja Online das marcas EFFUSIVE & LOVEJUNKIE.

LOVEJUNKIE isn’t ruled by collections, it has a provocative and unsubmissive style. Every month new products appear, inspired by street trends, nature, moments...LOVEJUNKIE has an older sister, EFFUSIVE. EFFUSIVE is a brand that looks different, is made different and inspires itself in the world. A trend that beats, free as a spirit, outgoing, fizzy, feminine and unique…that´s how we define EFFUSIVE. All products are designed, created and produced in Portugal, best place for fashion and sun!


Plataforma: Magento CE

Projecto: Desenvolvimento de Loja Online B2C e B2B
URL: www.effusivefashion.com


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  • Listagem de produtos responsive e com infinite scroll
  • 1 loja, 2 marcas, 2 conceitos, 2 formas de vida


A vida é um estado de espírito.